Vamos a la playa!

Playa El Burrero is the so-called winter beach of Ingenio, it is 7 kilometers away from our B&B. It is usually quiet there, there is ample parking and a good restaurant. The water is clear and clean. In the summer a great place for windsurfing, in the winter an excellent place for sunbathing and swimming.
A few kilometers to the north are a few more interesting beaches. First of all Playa Ojos De Garza, a small picturesque beach, that disappears almost completely at high tide. The water is clean and calm. One of our favorites! The Zurita restaurant serves delicious fried fish, and the view is fantastic. Come on time to avoid long waiting times.
The beach of Tufia is made of black lava sand, which forms a nice contrast with the white-blue houses of the village. The underwater world is also worth it. A little further north is the large black beach of Melenara. It is a nice place to be under the watchful eye of the statue of Neptune. There is a small shop, and there are numerous seafood restaurants, including the local favorite, La Rubia.
To the south of Ingenio, Playa de Vargas is still worth mentioning, it is a wind and kite surfing beach, but is also a good place to relax.
Finally Playa de Arinaga. Admittedly, it is a bit of a strange sight when you arrive on a large industrial estate with windmills, but apart from the large beach, the village has a pleasant boulevard with various restaurants along the waterfront.