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1.    Living like a local
Experience real Canarian life as a local in the historic centre of Ingenio. Despite its perfect location on the island, close to the motorway and the airport, it is an oasis of peace in the village. Enjoy a cup of coffee, or eat a roll of "Pata Asada" (roast pork) on the square next to the church of La Candelaria. Admire the Canarian architecture walking through the narrow streets of the historic centre. In the park Nestor Alamo you will find the highest palm tree of the Canary Islands.

2.    El Barranco de Guayadeque
This impressive valley with ravines is 20 kilometres long and lies between Ingenio and Aguimes. At the beginning of our era, the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands, lived here in cave houses. These caves are still inhabited today, and are often fully equipped. Due to differences in altitude and temperatures we find in this area very diverse flora and fauna. In January/February the almond trees bloom. Especially in spring the slopes are deep green. We find many species of plants, including cacti and agaves. Higher up in the valley grow pine trees and wild olives. A beautiful area for walking, but also by car the beauty of the barranco is easy to discover.

3.    Villa Nestor
This striking building in the historic centre of Ingenio, has had several destinations over the years. As a shop, school and dance hall. The first floor, where our guest rooms are located, was rather a large room, where orchestras performed and danced. The older inhabitants of Ingenio keep good memories of this, because a lot of love has blossomed here in those days. After a thorough renovation, the Dutch owners have realized 3 luxury rooms and an apartment. On the large roof terrace an extensive breakfast is served daily, the rest of the day you can relax or sunbathe here. 

4.    Culinary highlights
Ingenio's name dates back to the time when sugar cane was cultivated here. An Ingenio is an old term for sugar mill. Nowadays, very tasty tomatoes and olives are cultivated here. Ingenio has a long culinary tradition, best known are ´pata asada´ and ´pan de puño´. This traditionally baked bread is known throughout the island. There are numerous restaurants in the immediate vicinity, where you can enjoy dishes from the Canarian cuisine, the Ropa Vieja stew is a typical example of this. Restaurant El Guachinche in Carrizal is the perfect opportunity to get to know the traditional dishes of this island.

5.    Barranco de Barafonso
A nice route to drive from Ingenio is on the GC 550 towards Santa Lucia de Tirajana. Hidden somewhere halfway on the road from Aguimes to the sleepy town of Temisas is this spectacular little canyon that you wouldn't expect in Gran Canaria, but rather in Utah or Arizona. The relatively soft volcanic rock was deeply eroded and polished. The result is a deep gorge that can provide spectacular images with the help of some sunlight.